About us

Violin Lessons in Honolulu, Hawaii
with Hawaii Symphony Violinists Nancy Shoop-Wu and Hung Wu

Lessons in English and Mandarin

Yale University and New England
Conservatory Graduates

Violin, Viola and Fiddle Lessons

Lessons for Children and Adults

Private Violin Teachers in  Honolulu
for Over 20 Years

Welcome to S&W Violin Studio! Learning to play the violin is an enriching and transforming experience. Musical study is not only fun, but it also enhances the development of memory, coordination, concentration and organizational skills.

S&W Violin Studio is conveniently located on the corner of Kapiolani Blvd. and University Ave. in Honolulu. In our private lessons we teach all aspects of music, including note reading, rhythm, intonation, sound development, phrasing and style, so the student becomes a complete musician. We schedule recitals to give our students the opportunity to share their newfound skills with family and friends, regardless of level. We also help our students prepare for Hawaii Youth Symphony auditions, college scholarship auditions, competitions, and other events.

Since we have different backgrounds and teaching methods, go to About us to get details about our individual studios.

Nancy also composes songs for violin, Hawaiian guitar and piano and has recorded two CDs which you can hear at www.nancyshoopwu.com