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Hung Wu
Nancy Shoop-Wu

I started playing the violin when I was 5 years old in Taipei, Taiwan. At age 10, I appeared as soloist with the Taipei Symphony performing the Mozart Concerto in G Major on a national TV broadcast. I won the first prize in the National String Quartet Competition at age 17. That same year I also directed a chorus and a chamber orchestra. Both won first prize in the National Competition.

I moved to the United States to study at Hartt School of Music in Connecticut where I received my Artist Diploma, then went on to get my Master of Music degree at New England Conservatory in Boston. I graduated from both schools with honors. While still a student, I went to Waterloo Music Festival, Sarasota Festival and Aspen Music Festival on scholarship. I also won a competition to perform the first violin part with the Grammy Award winning Emerson String Quartet.

I played in Sacramento Symphony for 3 years, before winning the Associate Concert Master position of Virginia Symphony in 1993. That same year I won the 2nd Violin Principal position of the Honolulu Symphony and chose to move to Hawaii. I have also been a member of the Galliard String Quartet since1994. Our concerts are broadcast on Hawaii Public Radio regularly.

I have been teaching the violin since 1980 and I’ve been teaching in Honolulu since 1993. My students include winners of the Honolulu Symphony Concerto Competition; some are now majoring in violin performance at conservatories on the Mainland.

When I teach, I stress on the principal of “teaching them how to fish in stead of giving them fish”. In this computer age, people often just “Google it” to get the answer instead of thinking it through. Because we are all built differently both physically and mentally, learning the violin is not a one size fits all kind of thing. A method that works on one person often doesn't fit another. I try to tailor my teaching to each individual student, and most of all, teach them the principles of violin playing, including math, physics, psychology, anatomy, so they can think for themselves. The other emphasis is a solid foundation in the basic mechanism of posture. This is often ignored by teachers that are eager to get quick results.

Being an instrument enthusiast, I went to study bow rehair and repair with Lynn Haning, president of ICPC, at The College of Redwoods in CA. I service the bows of many of my colleagues in the Honolulu Symphony and their students. With my extensive knowledge of string instruments, I often help them with instrument maintenance as well as advising them on the purchase of a violin.


Price List for Instrument Services
Bow: Rehair             violin/viola/cello                 $60
                                  bass                                     $65
Shorten hair                                                          $15
Tip/Mammoth          violin/viola/cello                 $140
Tip/Plastic                violin/viola/cello                 $100
Tip Repair                                                             $40
Thumb Grip                                                          $25
Collar                                                                    $10
End Protector                                                        $35
Full Leather w/Thumb Grip                                  $45
Winding/Silver        violin/viola                            $80
                                           cello                            $85
                                           bass                             $100
Winding/Whale Bone                                            $75
Pearl Slide                violin/viola/cello                  $80
Pearl Eye                                                                $25
Recamber                                                               $100
Sound Post Adjustment                                          $40
New Sound Post                                                     $100
Instrument Setup                                                    $80/hr

Studio Locations

500 University Avenue
Honolulu, HI
(Corner of Kapiolani and University Avenues, 1 block from Iolani School)

Tuition Cost



Lesson fees are charged by the month. Payment is due at the beginning of each month. During the school year I allow 2 excused absences per semester. I need 24 hours advance notice in order for an absence to qualify as excused. I am always happy to reschedule you to a different time if I have any openings later in the week, but I can’t guarantee I will have any openings.

There are no lessons on major holidays (and no charge for these days). Also, you will not be expected to pay for any lessons I need to cancel. During the summer, I ask my students to give me a month’s advance notice if they will be on vacation. There is no charge for lessons while you are away.